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Single Rental Loan, Newark NJ

Transaction Overview

Here's a great example of the power of our single rental loan.  Its a 30 year fixed rate so you can tuck the property away in your portfolio and watch it cash flow for the rest of your life.   The best part is that unlike conventional loans, no personal income or tax returns are required to qualify.  You can take title in the name of your LLC.  The loan does not report to your personal credit history.  Rather, it builds credit in the name of your LLC.   In this case, our client was able to do a cash out refinance, pay off their hard money lender and move his equity into another flip at an amazingly low rate of 5.75% for a 30 year fixed.

Property Details
Transaction Type Cash out refinanceAppraised Value $330,000Loan Amount $231,000
Loan Type Single Rental – 30 Year Fixed RateInterest Rate 5.75%Loan to Value 70%
Property Type: 2 FamilyInvestment Objective Passive Rental

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